Children’s Nasal Flu Vaccine Clinics Open for Booking and Adult Seasonal Flu Update

Clinics for the nasal flu vaccine are now open for children born between 01/09/2016 -31/08/2018: please telephone the surgery on 01242 215015 to book an appointment.

We are asking that you try and only bring in the child who is due for the nasal flu vaccine in to the surgery and only one parent should attend. We ask that the child is well and does not have a temperature and we will need you to complete a consent form when you arrive at the surgery.


If a relative is bringing your child for the nasal flu or any other vaccine we will need written consent from the parents. Please ensure that the relative is named (full name and relationship with the child) Please ensure that the parents date and sign this. Failure to comply will mean your child will not be able to be vaccinated until the consent has been granted.

Flu vaccines for the 65 years and over notification

Our flu vaccines were ordered a year in advance in 2019 for this year’s 2020 flu campaign, and the number of vaccines ordered were based on the last 3 years attendance and even then we had to return vaccines back to the suppliers with a financial loss to the practice.

Little did we know that Covid19 would hit all of us and that the demand for this year’s flu vaccines would be so very different. The current situation for flu vaccines for the 65 year and over is after three Saturday flu clinics we currently have no more flu clinics planned for this age group as we do not have any spare vaccines.

Nationally there is now a shortage and we have been unable to get anymore vaccines to enable us to administer the flu vaccine for our patients who are in this age group and the advice we have been given is to ask you to source this vaccine through the pharmacies.

Flu vaccines for patients who are under 65 years of age (excluding the well 50yr -64yr olds)

Please read the whole message and update any mobile numbers or changes to emails via our website.

The flu vaccines for the under 65s are expected to be delivered during the middle of October, we have provisionally pencilled in two Saturday clinics and the first is for the 24/10/20 please keep this date free in your diary.

Please DO NOT telephone the surgery to book appointments as we will NOT open this clinic until we have had definite confirmation that we will receive these vaccines. Last year we had to cancel a clinic due to a failed delivery and we don’t want to repeat this exercise.

To ensure that we book the patients who are entitled to this vaccine (not for the well 50 to 64-year-olds) we will be sending out a text message or email or letter inviting you to book your appointment, so please can you ensure that you wait to receive your invitation first before telephoning the surgery (look at our web site for any updates).

For the new age group the ‘Well 50yr -64yrs old’

We are waiting for more information from NHS England with regard to getting these vaccines, we are unable to book any “well 50-64” patients who would not normally be recalled annually for their flu vaccines. We will keep our website updated and again we will be recalling these patients by sending out invites via email, text or letter, I am hopeful we may have more information in November.

It is little consolation for those that have been unable to get vaccinated due to the national shortage at the surgery, but please know that we are doing our very best to try and source and buy additional vaccines, and we do recommend that you try the pharmacies.

Thank you the St Georges Surgery team