Safe Extensions Of Epipen Expiry Dates

Due to a current supply problem with Epipens, the Department of Health have agreed with the Epipen’s manufacturer a safe extension to the expiry dates on certain Epipens.

If your Epipen is NOT listed then it must be discarded once it has reached its current expiry date.

Please note expiry dates are the end of the month indicated.

The Epipens included are the 300mcg dose only, and only those listed below:

LOT Labelled Expiry Date (end of the month) Extended Use by Date (end of the month)
6FA794J 07.2018 11.2018
6FA795Y 07.2018 11.2018
7FA112F 09.2018 01.2019
7FA106B 09.2018 01.2019
7FA283B 10.2018 02.2019
7FA251D 10.2018 02.2019
7FA250B 10.2018 02.2019
7FA265C 11.2018 03.2019
7FA265B 11.2018 03.2019