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Like many other practices we operate a Triage system for urgent appointments. When you request an urgent appointment your details will be taken and our triage doctor will call you back. She will ask questions to identify what your needs are and how best these could be managed.

This may result in:

  • Advice
  • A Routine Appointment
  • Require you to be seen by the Nurse or other Healthcare Professional
  • An urgent appointment with a doctor on that day

This system enables us to give the most appropriate care as quickly as possible.

Appointments with the Doctor

Patients see doctors by appointment only, walk ins will not be seen.

Appointments can be made online or by telephoning 01242 215015, (Please note: the appointment line is closed between 12:00 and 14:00).

Routine appointments are usually made with the doctor of your choice, however it may be necessary to see another doctor if your problem is urgent.

Appointments are 10 minutes long. If you have more than a few problems, or a complicated one, it may be necessary to make a further appointment. Appointments are for 1 person only.

If you are unable to keep your appointment please contact the surgery so that it can be reused. This ensures we can give the best service.

Early Morning Slots

As the early morning slots are before the site is fully open, you will need to make your way to our back door and press the bell.

Access the site via the gate next to Skellians, then immediately turn right, and the door is under the fire escape. Ring the bell and the GP will let you in.

Appointment Reminder Service

We offer patients with a mobile telephone a free appointment reminder service.

Appointment Confirmation

We are now also able to confirm your newly made appointment by text. This should be received a few minutes after you make the appointment and can be checked to ensure the appointment details are correct.

You will receive a text message 2 working days before your appointment, telling you of the date and time of your appointment, and who it is with.

Appointment Reminder Service Consent

You must consent to receive these free services.

If your mobile number is shared with other family members (over 13 years old), we are unable to send appointment reminders, as this would breach confidentiality rules.

However, if you contact reception and can provide consent for each of the family members who use the same mobile number we can reinstate the service.

Alternatively, register another mobile number for the other family members.