St Georges Booster Covid/Flu Injection Information

Next Covid Booster Clinic

We will be holding our 2nd Covid Booster Clinic at the St Georges Surgery Saturday 4th December. You will be sent a text or email with the link to be able to book your own appointment, please use this link where possible to help reduce the number of phone calls coming into the practice. Information about how to use this process is under the news heading of “Guide to booking your flu vaccine” posted 16.8.21 (The same process is being used to enable you to book your Booster Covid Vaccines) Please wear suitable clothing -short sleeve tops, you will need to wait 15 minutes after your vaccination as we will be using the Pfizer and please wear a face covering.

House bound Covid Boosters.

We are trying to organise the Covid vaccinations to the genuine housebound patients. We are only able to do a maximum of 3 patients per hour traffic permitting and this requires two clinicians attending the house bound and waiting the 15 minutes as per NHS policy, we will be contacting the housebound patients soon to inform them of their pending visit where we will deliver the flu and Covid vaccinations at the same time if required. Family support would be appreciated if you are able to bring a relative down for the booster clinic at the surgery.

I am due my Covid Booster now

We have had quite a few queries with regards to the patients who are already due their Booster Covid vaccine now. Please be aware that we are doing everything we possibly can to deliver the booster Vaccination and this includes the groups of patients who require their 3rd Covid vaccination.

For many patients who require the booster vaccination you must be 180 days post your 2nd dose and not a day before. We need a minimum of 15 staff who are fit to work and have agreed to give up their Saturday mornings to work in these clinics to administer and monitor and provide the administration, this is why we want to have a clinic where we can administer the maximum number of patients in the time that we have available. At our 1st Clinic we were able to vaccinate 652 patients safely and efficiently.

Can I get my Covid Booster elsewhere?

Yes you can many of the pharmacies are offering the booster Covid vaccination. Or alternatively telephone 119 for information regarding any walk-in clinics.

I have a medical condition that require me to have a 3rd Covid Vaccination (This is not the booster)

If you require a 3rd vaccination (not a booster) you may have received a letter or text regarding the need to book your 3rd Covid vaccination. You can book into the clinic on the 4th of December. Alternatively we will be sending you information for a walk in clinic at the fire station, you will need to bring proof that you require the 3rd Vaccination, you will be turned away if you are unable to provide this information. (Your text message will be additional proof)

Flu Vaccination

We are waiting for a further delivery and we will send out further invitations when the flu vaccines arrive. The flu and Covid vaccination programmes are just a small part of the day to day surgery requirements, but this programme has proved to be the most demanding on surgery time.
We switched from the fire station due to feedback from patients about the parking issues many of you were experiencing. We will continue to run the Covid booster clinics at St Georges Surgery and on a Saturday when the car park will be less full, also Saturdays don’t disrupt the midweek appointments so we can continue to provide a full service as usual. We appreciate your understanding and continued support.
Best wishes from all the St Georges Surgery team.